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afaarIn 2005, AFAAR founder Dr. Ethel Thurston, PhD, passed away after decades of service. AFAAR has since been revitalized by the New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS), continuing the longstanding partnership between the two organizations. AFAAR and NEAVS have worked collaboratively since AFAAR's inception and jointly sponsor programs. Dr. Thurston served on the NEAVS Advisory Board, and in October 2000 she received NEAVS' Humane Achievement Award. NEAVS President Theodora Capaldo, EdD, was appointed AFAAR Trustee and continues the pioneering work of AFAAR in Dr. Thurston's memory.

AFAAR first helped make history by funding a landmark alternative to the infamous Draize rabbit eye test, later adopted by some major product and cosmetics companies. Over the years, AFAAR has funded alternatives worldwide, including more than 200 human tissue culture tests to replace toxicity and other testing on animals.

Today, AFAAR funds a wide and encompassing range of research involving the use, development, or validation of alternatives. Our latest program, a joint project with NEAVS, is the Fellowship Grant for Alternatives to Animal Research in Human Health or Sex Differences. The award supports postdoctoral-level women in science who are committed to using, developing, or validating alternatives to animal research in the field of human health or sex differences.

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